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How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business

Nov 9, 2021

This episode is about the non-host, non-manager professionals that are critical to the pursuit of fair regulation for our industry.  

We're talking about lobbyists and government affairs folks, here.  

You've probably heard about lobbyists in national politics, and most likely it wasn't always in a positive light.  It turns out, though, that the most effective way of engaging all stakeholders and crafting public policy at a local level is best achieved with the help of these professionals that are trained in the workings of government.  

In this episode, you'll learn how to find and hire lobbyists, how they can help, and how we as hosts and managers can help them to craft more effective regulation.  

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Featured Guests:

Alexa Nota of Rent Responsibly 

Ashley Hodgini of VRBO

Sean Walsh of Sean Walsh Consulting