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How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business

Aug 26, 2020

‘How To Save Your Vacation Rental Business’ is a 10-part educational podcast series hosted by vacation rental advocate Dana Lubner that will teach vacation rental managers how to solve their business’ greatest looming threat -- unfair regulation -- from the ground up. 

In this teaser clip, meet Dana, say hello to Matt, and get a listen to some of the industry voices that will be helping us explore just how to save your vacation rental business.

This show would not be possible without our sponsor, TRACK Hospitality Software powered by TravelNet Solutions.

“As a supporter of our vacation rental community, we think responsible participation by vendors is more important than it’s ever been.” Said Ryan Bailey, CEO of TravelNet Solutions. “The topic of advocacy, an experienced voice in Dana, and an industry advocate in Matt is the perfect combo to drive this discussion forward.”