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How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business

Dec 29, 2021

In this episode we talk with Davide Proserpio, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.  David studies problems related to digital markets and has spent years analyzing the sharing economy.  

It all started with a research paper showing a positive correlation between Airbnb and housing rent and prices: a paper that was used by plenty of anti-STR groups. But the data does not stop there...

Davide followed-up with a recent Harvard Business Review article, which found that restricting STRs in a neighborhood can reduce residential development.  We wanted to get him on the show to explain the article, and dig into how academics and community groups can be a resource for data that cities accept as unbiased.  

Data maybe our most powerful tool for a reasonable approach to regulation and people like Davide represent a powerful, unbiased and accessible way of getting and communicating that data.

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Harvard Business Review: Restricting Airbnb Rentals Reduces Development

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Davide's Twitter: @dade_us

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Davide Proserpio, Assistant Professor of Marketing at USC