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How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business

Dec 22, 2021

In this episode Pam Knudsen, Senior Director of Compliance Services at Avalara, gives us perspective on advocacy efforts across the country through the lens of lodging tax data.  

We've been hearing a lot this season about outright bans and a curious reluctance by cities to take the economic impact of vacation rentals into account when creating regulation.  

Pam shares a more nuanced, hopeful outlook as well as best practices for combining your economic contributions with good neighbor habits and turning them into real political leverage.

This season is brought to you by Track Hospitality Software and NoiseAware.

Track Hospitality Software powered by TravelNet Solutions transforms your vacation rental company so you can transform the way vacation rental advocacy plays out in your region.  

NoiseAware users are able to stop issues before they spiral out of control, without having to be there in person or compromising guest privacy.

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Featured Guests:

Pam Knudsen of Avalara

Fiona Quinn of AvantStay

Jim Prugh of Lindsborg Vacation Rentals