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How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business

Dec 6, 2021

In this episode we dive into a case study on Santa Barbara and Theo Kracke, the man who sued his hometown and won.  We dedicate a lot of time on this podcast to finding compromise and working with local government, but in the face of outright bans it doesn't always work.  Theo's solution took a great deal of time, energy and resources, but his victory has ripple effects for vacation rental regulation across California and the country.

This kind of effort requires someone to spearhead it, and as you listen you must ask yourself, are you capable of being the tip of the spear in your destination?  If not, find ways to support the folks that can they need all the help they can get!  You can find ideas and resources at

Portions of Theo's interview were aired in episode 122 of Matt Landau's Unlocked Podcast.

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Featured Guests:

Theo Kracke of Paradise Retreats

Tiffany Edwards of the VRMA Advocacy Fund

Pam Knudsen of Avalara